Bob Cavalcante Jr.

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Hi.  I’m Bob Cavalcante Jr.  I’m a second generation American of Italian immigrants and third generation of Irish Immigrants, born and raised Roman Catholic in northern New Jersey. A typical rebellious kid growing up in a lower-middle class family, I joined the Navy in 1984 at age 19 and retired in 2004 at just 39 years of age.

I’m a Catholic “revert” who after 25 years of not practicing and learning about other faiths, rediscovered the fullness of truth and beauty that is our Catholic church.  Perhaps “re-discovered” isn’t correct, as I never truly grasped it in the first place due to a combination of the secular teachings of the time and a non-religious family except for my Italian grandparents.

I am divorced and remarried in the Church to the most beautiful woman in the world whose Love of God is her most beautiful attribute. Proud father of 5 beautiful daughters and 9 beautiful grandchildren!

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God’s Blessings!