Thanks For Nothing

Thanks America.  Thanks for nothing.  Due to your apathy and selfish elections of Socialists and idiots I’m now laid-off for only the second time in my life of 49 years.  The first was just two months ago with the other bullshit sequester cuts.  Both times working for the government.

For my whole adult life I served this nation, joining the Navy when I was 19.  I’m now considered “non-essential” because I’m not providing an emergency service, protecting bases or prisons, on active duty or medical personnel.

Non-Essential.  I only ensure the ships we build are built to contract spec so the builder doesn’t rip off the taxpayer.

Non-Essential because I only ensure the ships we build are of the highest quality to keep our Sailors safe.

Non-Essential.  After 20 years of active duty service in uniform, 6 as a contractor, with a year in Egypt, and now nearly two as a government employee, I’m betrayed yet again by our government.

I was offered what I earn today, back in 1988 but I stayed Navy because I Loved our country.  I stayed for 20 in uniform and qualified for govt assistance through most of those 20 years but I never took a dime and I still stayed but not for the money but because I though America was a place worth fighting for.

I lost a lot of money taking this “non-essential” government job and had I not, I could be a better provider for my family.

Though I agree it needed to be shut down because of all the greedy, disgusting filth we call this administration, and I see on a daily bases some of those fat career leeches that serve no one but themselves, please remember that some of us “non-essential” employees are military retirees who continue to serve out of uniform.